Research, Technology & Development Services

Render agricultural research services and the development of information systems with regard to crop production, animal production and resource utilization technologies.


The objective of research is to facilitate, conduct and co-ordinate the identification of agricultural research needs, the development/adaptation or transfer of appropriate technology to farmers, and to participate in multi-disciplinary agricultural development projects. Farm systems and applied research is undertaken at Glen and other provincial sites primarily in the fields of crop and animal production and range and pasture management.

Information Services

Co-ordinate the development and dissemination of information to clients, including the development and utilization of various information systems e.g. the Geographical Information System. The professional work performed by this section forms a crucial part of the management of natural conditions and disasters in the Province.

Infrastructure Support Services

Provide and maintain infrastructure facilities for the line function to perform their research and other functions, i.e. experimental farms. It deals with the development and maintenance of the farm Glen. Farming operations are undertaken in the interest of research, training and the maintenance of a number of top quality herds