Delivery Agreement


The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development contributes to the following outcomes:

Outcome 7:  Vibrant, equitable, and sustainable rural communities and food security for all will be achieved through the following outputs:

  • Sustainable agrarian reform with a thriving small and large farming sector
  • Improved access to affordable and diverse food
  • Improved rural services to support livelihoods
  • Improved employment opportunities and economic livelihoods
  • Enabling institutional environment for sustainable and inclusive growth

Outcome 4: Strengthening employment, economic growth and equality in line with the job creation model

The Department contributes specially to sub-output 3: Sector strategies to support growth of labour-intensive industries, diversification of the economy into industries that can support employment, starting with labour-absorbing sectors in IPAP2 (agro-processing, tourism, BPS, bio-fuels, clothing, forestry) implement KAPs.

  • Proposals for expanding employment in agriculture, especially through step up in (a) a number of formal small-scale producers based on integration of land reform with other support measures, and (b) existing micro producers experiencing qualitative improvement in output
  • Develop standardised approach to sector strategies that establishes common methodology across the state for (a) identifying constraints on employment-creating growth, (b) ensuring alignment of budgets and government institutions, and (c) working with stakeholders
  • Identify all labour-absorbing sectors and monitor their development

Outcome 10:  Environmental Assets and Natural Resources that are valued, protected, and continually enhanced

Four critical areas need to be addressed:

  • Water is unsustainably used and the quality and quantity of water resources is in decline
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare strategies to cope with projected climate change impacts, and reverse the rising trend in relation to the release of pollutants into the atmosphere
  • Proper and better management of our environment
  • Protection of our biodiversity.

The Delivery Agreement and the Local Government Turn-Around Strategy is available in the Resource Centre.